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Review: “Justice League”

Review: “Justice League”

“Justice League” is a milestone in American cinema: the flop with a $94 million opening weekend. That’s a lot of money for a flop to earn over a few days, but “Justice League” came with a high price tag ($300 million and change) and even higher expectations. It’s the DC Cinematic Universe’s answer to Disney’s […]

Review: “To the Wonder”

Critics and casual moviegoers alike frequently complain of a lack of originality in the output of Hollywood and the broader film industry, the implication being that we see the same half-dozen stories rehashed over and over again. But what if the gratingly familiar nature of most new releases has less to do with story itself […]

Weekend Box Office: “Argo” bests all openers in down frame

In its third weekend of release, Ben Affleck’s period crowd-pleaser “Argo” showed no signs of slowing down at the box office, dropping just 24.9 percent from last weekend for another $12.4m. Even more impressively, “Argo” beat all four new wide releases by  a sizable margin. While the impending Hurricane Sandy undoubtedly had a negative effect […]

Weekend Box Office: “Taken 2” fends off flurry of new competitors

“Taken 2,” the ‘Liam Neeson is still a badass, in case you were wondering’-billed sequel, once again topped the North American box office chart this weekend, adding $22.5 million to the till for an $86.8m domestic cume. The revenge pic should easily surpass $100m by the end of next weekend. It probably won’t hit the […]

Review: “Argo”

Despite the jarring locational shift from the streets of present-day Boston to those of 1980 Tehran, Ben Affleck’s “Argo” is very similar to his previous effort, “The Town.” As he did in that robbery thriller, Affleck here takes a straightforward heist plot and transforms it into a respectable piece of entertainment by distinctly evoking the […]

Argo, latest from Ben Affleck as director, gets a trailer

There’s a new trailer for Argo, the new film from Ben Affleck as director. Affleck, who also stars, has surprised critics with his previous two directorial efforts, the highly-acclaimed films Gone Baby Gone and The Town. Here, he plays a CIA agent during the Iran hostage crisis who concocts a plan to rescue six Americans […]