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Review: “The Disaster Artist”

Review: “The Disaster Artist”

“The Disaster Artist” is a missed opportunity. It takes the most bizarre, fascinating true story of cult cinema and reduces it down to an oddball, feel-good joke. There’s a story worth telling here, but it feels like director James Franco is giving us Cliff’s Notes of Cliff’s Notes. At its core, the film tells the […]

Critic Speak Podcast: Episode 14 (Guest Greg Sestero)

Call it “The Lost Episode.” James and I recorded this edition of the Critic Speak Podcast nearly a month ago, but then life got in the way and I didn’t have a chance to edit and upload it until today. My sincerest apologies. When you hit play, imagine you’ve just sent your DeLorean back to […]

Critic Speak Podcast: Episode 13 (Guest Tommy Wiseau)

It’s a big week for the Critic Speak Podcast, as James and I are joined for nearly a full half-hour by Tommy Wiseau, the writer/director/producer/star of the 2003 cult sensation “The Room.” Wiseau joined us to promote his appearances at Landmark’s Ken Cinema in San Diego at Midnight on October 11 & 12 (this coming […]

Book Review: “The Disaster Artist”

“The Disaster Artist” is the story of how the lives of two men were determined by an intense, bizarre friendship. Readers, of course, will flock to this book expecting the inside story of the making of “The Room,” the 2003 cult film that ranks among the most dreadful, unintentionally hilarious movies ever made. Those searching […]