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Review: “Bright”

Review: “Bright”

“Bright” is ostensibly a police thriller set in a world where magic exists, but it comes with a clever thought under its high-concept premise: what does racism mean in a world where sentient creatures are literally of different species? Humans of different skin colors would seem pretty unremarkable to even the most virulent racist when […]

Box Office Beat: Weekend of March 8

Box Office Beat: Weekend of March 8

Hello and welcome back to Box Office Beat, the column in which I predict the upcoming weekend’s box office results. After a completely uneventful February—the only film to post strong numbers was the atrociously unfunny “Identity Thief”—we now have our first potential blockbuster of the year on this first weekend of March, courtesy of Disney. […]

“Prometheus” sequel a go, potentially without Damon Lindelof; Fox eyes 2014 or ’15 release

Damon Lindelof’s script for “Prometheus” (co-written with Josh Spaihts) was filled with questions, but not many answers. What were the capsules full of black goo, exactly? What were the aliens from “Alien” doing there, anyway? Presumably, both entities related to the planned destruction of Earth, but the audience wasn’t given anything specific beyond that. Every […]

Review: “Prometheus”

Given its pedigree and hype, one would expect “Prometheus” to have Great Film written all over it. This is an even more important label than Oscar Material, because Great Films are the ones that set the standards and populate the coffee table books, becoming the currency of Best lists and endless debates about what works […]

Viral Prometheus marketing evolves the Alien mythos

Fans of the Alien universe formed by Ridley Scott and James Cameron, among many others, have already been drooling at the marvelous trailers for this summer’s Prometheus. But viral marketing has also been playing a key role in building hype and anticipation for the film.

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